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So, today was amazing and here’s why. I cannot wait for this movie. Veronica herself aka K-Bell @ replied me on twitter!

So, today was amazing and here’s why. I cannot wait for this movie. Veronica herself aka K-Bell @ replied me on twitter!

Stuck in a Perpetual Rewatch

Okay, so I think all my fellow marshmallows out there are in a similiar dilemma. I am stuck in a purpetual rewatch of all three Veronica Mars seasons. I watched all three seasons and promptly restarted season 1. Currently, I just finished the season 2 finale. And it got me thinking.

First off, I HAVE to get out of this depression/ VMars coma i’ve been in. Its halted my life completely. I havent written in weeks. I am way behind on my own deadlines for my book. I am blowing through the episodes faster than ever. I spend hours in my room accompanied by the Neptune kids. And while, as much as I believe they are my friends. They’re not real. Hence, I havent seen any real friends in weeks. While this is typical for my writing periods… since I’m not writing but rather watching TV. I feel guilty. 

So, I think I’ve come to an amicable solution. I’m going to watch into season three as far as Logan and Veronica are together. The second breakup, where he spends days in his hotel suite, is where I am going to stop watching. Agreeing upon where to stop is the first step. Resisting the urge to replay season 1 and 2 is the next. 

The second half of season three is stacked full of mistakes. Piz and Parker were HUGE mistakes and really, I just want to see Logan and Veronica trying to act like normal college kids. Even though, thats part of the reason season three failed.

So. Thats my plan. I’m starting writing again tomorrow, or more like staring at my word doc and rereading what I’ve previously written until I can create some more goodness. 

Also, if you havent heard. Jason Dohring is OFFICIALLY signed onto the movie. *shouts of joy* Even though, we all knew he was going to be.

Still the “official” brings tears of joys because it means we aren’t dreaming and this movie is actually officially real. 

billib asked: Hey, I'm on a looping VM marathon viewing. If you figure out a way to stop can you let me know?

Yeah.. I hear ya on that. I’m just on disk 6 of season one and I just completed a whole week long marathon of all three seasons. The stuff on my DVR isnt even slightly interesting to me. Im addicted.

I keep telling people that I am in a blackhole marathon of Veronica Mars. Im a full fledged addict. 

So maybe you have some words that can pull me out this?

An unknown fan created these… And serious kudos to them. They look good, not to mention they get us super excited for when the real ones get released.
Why, ohh why! Do we have to wait so long? I guess a year isn’t super far off but patience is a virtue. A virtue we have a year to learn through action.

Kind of obsessed. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Kind of obsessed. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Script Sneak Peek

This morning Rob Thomas posted to his twitter a picture of a small section of the Veronica Mars Movie script. Hence, giving us a heart palpitation and a fresh moment of Logan and Veronica (which we haven’t had for six long years). So, lets go over what this sneak peek means for the movie:

-Well, for starters Wallace fans can clap in excitement. As I’m assuming this means that Percy Daggs III is signed on to do the movie. Also, the dialogue shows classic Veronica and Wallace. Poor Wallace, he is always left in the dust when it comes to Veronica’s crazy schemes.

-Veronica is scheming. *shouts of joy* This means sassy, smart mouth Mars is back and this brings us more joy than ever. Like, of course we noticed that F-bomb. Brilliant. V-Mars has grown up and so has her mouth. Supposedly, Rob wants to make the movie pg-13 but that limits the dialogue for the writer. Meaning the F-bombs are constrained…. as are the sex scenes. I am all for making this movie NC-17. *cough, cough* Just an idea. More fouls words, more shirtless Logan.

-And lastly, the brooding. Ohhh the brooding! “Logan reads Veronica’s intensity,” cue up the smoldering look that Jason Dohring is oh SO good at.

So thanks, Rob, for sharing this little tidbit. It got my heart racing and my blood pumping. It was a nice little Friday gift. And it prompted me to create a Google alert on all things “Veronica Mars Movie.”

So, when the official schedule is set. I can start my countdown. I’m one eager beaver (not eager enough to crash a bus, but you get the idea).


And in other news, I have started my Veronica Mars marathon over again. After just completing a full run. I might need help.

The Veronica Mars Movie

….and my teenage dream come true.



So unless you’ve been living under a rock or you don’t follow my twitter feed, Veronica Mars has been green-lighted for a movie! Cue drum roll.


The inner-tween in me is above and beyond excitement. Back when the show aired on UPN (#tbt) I was a freshman in high school and I dedicated my Tuesday nights to this show. A time before DVR’s and Tivo’s, I scheduled plans and after school activities in order to make it to my TV by 9pm. This show was my life and it’s basically the only Fandom, I’ve ever been apart of. What can I say, I try to stay cool but when it comes to Neptune and all things Veronica Mars… I geek out, hardcore.


Rob Thomas, the creator and writer, made the perfect combination of a television series. Veronica Mars is Nancy Drew meets Mean Girls meets Pretty Little Liars but the show was wayy before its time. If Veronica Mars had been hired by the PLL cast, A would already be caught. Kristen Bell is sassy, smart and not to mention has perfect comedic timing.

The Kickstarter campaign launched the day I left for a weekend trip to Chicago. I first heard about it while walking through O’hare airport and I decided I wouldn’t succumb to another attempt at a movie because after six years and all the numerous petitions I signed, I have nothing to show of it. Except the massive amount of disappointment I’ve faced these past six years. 

After the campaign surpassed the 2 million mark and Warner Bros gave the ‘go-ahead’, I had landed back in sunny California and I spent the next week or so in a black hole that is a Veronica Mars marathon. Obvi, I own all three seasons on dvd. So, I loaded it up in my DVD player and climbed into bed. Best. Decision. Ever.

Mid-way through the first season, I did my part and backed the campaign. I mean hey, this time is legit. This time it’s really happening and the mistake that was season three can be forgiven.

I, for one, am so excited. I can’t be contained.

The inner tween in me is dying, impatiently for a Logan and Veronica reunion. Cue squeals of excitement.

So much brooding. So much intensity.

A lesson in how to show up your ex-boyfriend by taylor swift

Pretty Little Liars 3x20 “Hot Water”

First off, I would like to say that what I learned from television this week is that you should never get a shower/steam room in your bathroom. Seriously, think about it… Spencer gets locked in her OWN bathroom (which by the way, expensive shower Hastings) and almost dies. This also happened to Hannah on GIRLS when she was in the shower of the hot doctor and fainted (same expensive shower) AND Mindy got soaked in a very similar expensive shower steam combination while having a fling with the mid-wife in her show The Mindy Project…. So basically, don’t get an expensive shower with a touch screen control- you’re sure to get screwed on that one.

Anyhow, on to Pretty Little Liars and its cluster fuck of plot lines. Here is my thing with this show, I forget what is going on half the time. When Hanna got into the car with Emily tonight and mentions that Caleb was shot in the gut, I legitimately spent ten minutes trying to think of when that happened before I gave up and kept watching. So much happens and it goes by so fast. This is the type of show where I have to watch it alone, in the dark, in absolute silence or I have no idea what is going on.

Also, I just think the writing has gone a lil’ cray. It is nothing like the book- in fact the two barely have anything in common anymore except for names. So that’s a little disappointing especially to us readers who read the series way before the television series came into play. I personally, would love to see the twin Ali get back onto the field. I think, while it was seriously convenient, it was creative writing! *cough, cough* Work on that would ya, ABC.

So my last comment on tonight’s episode is for Spencer. At first, I was all for dramatic, kill-that-bitch, Spencer. I mean yeah, she totally deserves it. Her boyfriend was a real a**hole. I thought she could probably use a good pity episode. She’s almost died, several times and to find out that her boyfriend is fraud… I mean, come on! Though, to be honest they all could probably use a good pity episode but Spencer’s sweatpants episode arc has gone on maybe one too many.

Basically, I miss Spencer Hastings. The take charge, don’t fuck with me, best friend and valedictorian. Boom! She had it all. Plus, I loved her wardrobe best of all. And while the fallen hero is a classic plot line, Spencer needs to rise from the ashes quick. She’s starting to piss me off. Like, stop crying and get even. And remember Spencer, in revenge its always best to…..